July 22, 2020

Quick Relief for gut instability in this time of the pandemic

INSPIRED to change lives globally, Aglobalcare Inc. has been providing financial and medical aid as support to various government organizations, churches, business associations, and the chamber of commerce in the Philippines.

“We believe that we have to do our responsibility in taking care of our community. During the lockdown, we sent several donations for COVID defense such as facemasks, alcohol, medicines to different hospitals and associations,” said Pratik Abichandani, the business development manager of Aglobal Care Inc.

A company with pharmaceutical experience for the last 20 years, Aglobal Care Inc. envisions to distribute a unique range of health solutions that are made using 100% potent active ingredients and the platform to inspire people to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Mint Relief is the first product in the belt of Wellness Refill which is part of mother company Aglobal Care, Inc.

“Launched in the Philippines in February 2020, we’ve been receiving an amazing response. We decided to use our expertise in pharmaceutical knowledge in building products towards preventive than curative measures. Mint Relief provides fast relief for a wide range of stomach pain caused by stomach disorders due to GERD, heartburn, dysmenorrhea, dyspepsia, acid reflux, bloating, or hyperacidity.

Certified and approved by the FDA as a food supplement, Mint Relief is also found to be effective in alleviating pain caused by a wide range of stomach discomfort brought by the current lockdown.

“From our experience, most of our customers are already under medication to treat gastric issues. Normally, the drugs they take usually have a limitation of 1 capsule a day and must be taken usually before meals. This makes them feel helpless when they experience tremendous pain after meals and they are unable to take additional drugs,” Mr. Abichandani said.

He added that the product provides a solution that is quick and easy. It can be taken anytime even at the onset of disturbing pain and there are no over usage and side effects reported. A natural food supplement made of peppermint and spearmint oil, it is safe for long-term daily use even by pregnant or lactating women.

“Based on users’ testimonials, it takes only one capsule to feel the effect within 15- 60 minutes. It can be taken any time, either on an empty or full stomach,” added Abichandani.

Aside from easing the pain caused by stomach disorders of many Filipinos in this time of the pandemic the natural way, the company provides opportunities for them to become resellers — a clear source of income that could greatly benefit them. With that, Mr. Abichandani pledges to continue to expand the network and the availability for consumers as his company welcomes more distributors and resellers. The soft gel capsule that comes in a small box of 10 is currently available at all K2 pharmacies and major online sellers nationwide. For more information, visit


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