About Us

AGlobal Care emmerged from roots of humble beginnings is now a leading healthcare company with a powerful combination of skills and resources that provides a platform for delivering broad spectrum of life changing solutions.  For the past decades, we continue to utilize resources in order to discover and develop affordable, effective and safe products that have been manufactured with strict global quality standards.

Being a diversified healthcare company, we not only strive but are passionate in changing human lives globally. The products we offer encompass the entirety of health care, from Parenteral fluids, nutritional and pharmaceutical products to medical devices, laboratory diagnostics and even food products. Our comprehensive product line embraces every phase of life, may it be for growth and development or critical care and life saving needs. We are by our clients through every phase caring for them, and constantly demand of ourselves to do so because our work impacts lives.

Through our continuous efforts in innovation, efficiency and forward-looking management, we have been surpassing the rapidly changing needs and increasing growth standards of the healthcare industry. Our extensive experience and expertise in the local market together with the global vision imbedded in each one of us, we are able to provide dedicated life changing solutions with above excellent service. We understand that being healthy is not merely the absence of infections or diseases, but the holistic well-being of an individual in every aspect. Thus, the patient being the end user, we focus on their needs by giving maximum priority in accelerating pipeline development and work hard to deliver what we promise.



Our mission is to discover and develop affordable, effective and safe healthcare solutions while ensuring excellent customer and principal relations as well as efficient and prompt distribution not only to urban but also rural and remote areas, that not merely save lives but entirely change them.


To save and change lives globally

Core Values

AGlobal Care’s corporate culture revolves around our values. It is engraved in each one of us to C.A.R.E for every aspect of our business.


  • Customer Fixation

Customer satisfaction beyond expectations is our ultimate pleasure of doing business. We take personal responsibility to ensure every need or want of our customers are heard and met while out performing ourselves and their expectations every time.


  • Ambitious for God through excellence

God being the center of our driving force, we constantly gear ourselves towards success through excellence in all our dealings for Gods Glory.


  • Reliability through products and service

High importance is given to reliability may it be in terms of our safe and quality products or our exemplary service.


  • Efficiency with Effectiveness

Given the urgent needs of the healthcare industry, managing our resources ingeniously along with effectiveness is fundamental.