Generic Name:  Ciprofloxacin

Brand Name:  ACIPRO

Format : Solution for IV Infusion

Formulation :

Each vial contains:

Ciprofloxacin 200mg/100mL


Treatment of infections including anthrax, biliary tract infections, infected bites and stings, bone and joint infections, cat scratch disease, chancroid, exacerbations of cystic fibrosis, ENT infections (including otitis media or externa and sinusitis), HACEK endocarditis, gastroenteritis (including Traveller’s diarrhea and Campylobacter enteritis, cholera, Salmonella enteritis, shigellosis, Yersinia enteritis), Gonorrhea, granuloma inguinale, infections in immunocompromised patients (neutropenia), Legionnaire’s disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, peritonitis, plague, lower resp tract infections (including pseudomonal infections in cystic fibrosis, but excluding infections due to Strep pneumoniae eg pneumococcal pneumonia), rickettsial infections (including Q fever, spotted fever and typhus), septicemia, skin and soft tissue infections, typhoid and paratyphoid fever, UTI including chronic bacterial prostatitis.

Used for the prophylaxis for meningococcal meningitis and surgical infection.

For the treatment of nontuberculous mycobacterial infections and TB.